Ecofys study on Crude Tall Oil markets and availability: sufficient supply for advanced biofuels, biomaterials and energy usage
June 20, 2017
Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels welcome French company Global Bioenergies as new member: “Significant increase in interest in advanced biofuels evident as the discussions on future EU policy are soon entering decision-making time”
July 11, 2017
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Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels nominate Marko Janhunen from UPM as the new Chair: “Let’s enable sustainable, advanced biofuels to contribute to decarbonising the EU transport sector”

Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) nominated Marko Janhunen, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, UPM Biorefining as Chair for the upcoming year at their Annual General Meeting in Brussels in June, 2017. Marko takes over the Chair from Gloria Gaupmann, Public Affairs Group Biotechnology, Clariant, who acted as an interim Chair since November 2016. LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuels producers and technology developers committed to making a significant contribution to meeting EU ambitions of decarbonizing the transport sector. Advanced biofuels bring multiple benefits in terms of CO2 reduction, investments, revenues for farmers and forestry, improved waste management practices, job creation and an increase in energy security. Marko Janhunen stated after his nomination:  “This is an exciting year for advanced biofuels in the European Union. The Commission proposal on the review of the Renewable Energy Directive released last November paved the way for advanced biofuels to play a strong role in decarbonising EU transport. Now it is up to the EU Parliament and the EU Council to  confirm the advanced biofuels target and stimulate further private investments in the sector”. LSB is working closely with the European Parliament and the Member States to provide credible information on the potential of advanced biofuels in the European Union. LSB supports a dedicated and defined  target for advanced biofuels, as proposed by the Commission in the form of the Annex IX part A mandate, and the related feedstock list. “A specific advanced biofuels target based on the unchanged Annex IX Part A is necessary for generating investment and investor security for advanced biofuels based on innovative technologies using sustainable feedstock”, Marko Janhunen continued.